Design your training to suit your business

At Imagine Education Australia, we recognise the unique needs of every employer and offer customised training programs

Imagine Education Australia recognises the training provided by an employer to their employees and support this by providing the theory components of the qualification to match the high quality practical experience already provided at the employee’s workplace. We provide an individual training plan that is flexible and supportive of the employee’s professional acknowledgements. We offer:

  • Flexible training solutions that give you input into the way your apprentices are trained, so your apprentices are trained in the areas that are important to you;
  • One-on-one dedicated training and support staff providing employers with direct access to the answers you need;
  • Recognition of employees’ prior learning and experience provided by the employer. This means our focus is on new and relevant training; and
  • Regular five-week checks with employers to ensure your apprentice is progressing as per requirements of their training plan.
  • Training that is relevant to the industry

Our training and assessment packages are validated by industry to ensure the most up-to-date, relevant training for today’s business environment.


Teachers who really know the industry

With fully-qualified, industry-engaged teaching staff, students are receiving training from the best.


Flexible training solutions

Flexibility is a key component of our training programs to ensure that employers’ needs are met.


Student training support

Imagine Education Australia’s academic training coordinators provide an individual training plan that is supportive of the employee’s professional acknowledgements.