Imagine Education Diploma of Beauty Therapy Student Lands Dream Job

08 May 15

Imagine Education is proud of all our students and their achievements, and one such student who has achieved a successful career after studying with Imagine Education is domestic student Kayla Fothergill.

Kayla was attending King’s Christian College and undecided on the career path she wanted to pursue, when she began to take an interest in beauty therapy and different beauty treatments midway through Grade 11.  She says it was then that she realised she did not just want to be on the receiving end of the treatments, but “wanted to help others to look and feel their absolute best too.”

Kayla heard about Imagine Education at a Career Expo night held at her high school.  It was here that she met Adam, Imagine Education’s Industry Relations Officer, and after speaking to him decided to go for an interview at Imagine Education’s Southport Central Campus to see if studying the Diploma of Beauty Therapy with Imagine Education was something she wanted to pursue.  After that interview, Kayla’s mind was made up.  Imagine Education was the perfect school for her. “I loved the environment, the teachers, the people; and the fact that Imagine was amazing in many ways.  From the training to the flexibility of being able to study part-time.”

Whilst studying for her Diploma, Kayla says she learnt a lot.  “I received a lot of great training.  This included everything from how to perform the treatments to the very best of my ability to how to start and finish a day at the salon – including opening the salon, laundry, washing, setup, and closing the salon.  I learnt about the different areas of beauty therapy in depth, but also how to speak with clients, how to deal with them, and how to treat them.  I soon learnt that the clients’ needs are my top priority. The learning guides and theory assignments were very informative, and the way they were set out helped me to obtain all the information I needed to be successful with the course.” 

Of all the treatments Kayla learnt, her favourite was waxing.  She enjoyed learning "all the areas of the waxing process, and being able to achieve great results so the client finished with smooth skin and left feeling happy and fresh.”

Kayla enjoyed the way the trainers taught, saying they teach in a way that is easy to understand, enabling the students to be able to competently perform the treatments.  She particularly mentions trainer Renee Astras, saying “she was amazing!  She had many years of experience, she knew how to relate to people well and how to train us to become great therapists!  She saw me through to the end of my course and I really enjoyed having her as a trainer.”

Kayla is currently working at Pure Indulgence in Robina.  She says she only applied for Pure Indulgence a short time after completing her course and was offered the job the day after her interview.  She has been there for eight weeks now and says she has continued to gain experience and learn even more aspects of being a beauty therapist.  “It is a full on job, but I have been able to experience being a beauty therapist within an amazing company!”

Kayla says studying with Imagine Education definitely benefited her when it came time to begin her career as a beauty therapist.  “Being able to gain salon experience with the Aqua Body & Soul Salon (Imagine Education’s salon and training facility) helped me to have the proper confidence to greet and treat actual clients.  Having this practical experience meant I already knew how to complete a consultation by finding out the client’s needs and what they want to focus on for each treatment, and what products and home recommendations I need to customise for them.” 

She says she would definitely recommend that anybody interested in beauty therapy should study the Diploma of Beauty Therapy through Imagine Education.  “I want to thank everyone from Imagine Education who was involved in helping me to be the Beauty Therapist that I am today.  Without the training and support from Imagine, I would not be out in the working world.  This is a great qualification to have and I had the amazing opportunity to complete it at your school.  Thank you very much!”

Imagine a career in beauty with Imagine Education.  Kayla did, and she is testament to the success that is to be had from choosing to study the Diploma of Therapy with Imagine Education.  Congratulations to Kayla, and Imagine Education looks forward to helping other students like her build a successful career in beauty therapy!