From Stress to Success – Imagine student, Jasmine Loke, explains how quitting her job and studying with Imagine Education led to finding the career path of her dreams

20 April 16

A change of career later in life might seem daunting for some, but for Jasmine Loke, the decision to completely change her career at 40 years of age is one she is thankful she made.

For years Jasmine had been working in hotel management, where long hours, stress, and inflexibility came as part of the job. Tired of her job affecting the time she had for herself and her family life, she finally made the decision to completely change careers and move into a field she had always been interested in: Aged Care.

As a mature-aged student, there were a few things that Jasmine needed to be sure of when considering her options for study. She wanted to study with an institution where she would feel welcome and comfortable, and somewhere where she would feel confident that she would receive the best training possible. After considering her options for study, Jasmine chose Imagine Education Australia as it ticked all the boxes for her.

Jasmine is really enjoying her time studying at Imagine and working towards a career in the Aged Care industry. Having completed her Certificate III in Aged Care in January of this year, she is continuing to study with Imagine Education and is completing the brand new Certificate IV in Ageing Support, which is funded by the Government under the Higher Skills Incentive. Upon successful completion, this will open up supervisory and team leader role opportunities for her.

Jasmine is animated when she discusses Aged Care and why she enjoys it.

“I love connecting with people and helping them. There is a stigma that working in this industry is not a fun job, but that is not the case at all!”

Jasmine says the training she has received at Imagine Education under her teacher Amanda has been fantastic and she feels well equipped to make a success out of her new career.

"Amanda is a very good trainer. She teaches well and in a way that is easy to understand. She delivers lessons that are informative and answers any questions we might have so we are one hundred percent certain on every aspect of the training.”
In turn, Jasmine’s trainer Amanda praises Jasmine for her studiousness and diligence to become the best she can be in the field of Aged Care.

“From the beginning Jasmine has grown in confidence and her knowledge has increased. Jasmine has really developed her confidence and knowledge and this was especially demonstrated and highlighted when she was on her vocational placement.”
Jasmine says she would recommend Imagine Education to other students thinking of studying Aged Care, including those who might not be satisfied in their current occupation.

“Taking the risk to completely change my career and study again has really paid off and I am so happy with my decision. I hope to work in an Aged Care facility and am really excited for my future! I think all domestic students considering studying in the field of Aged Care should consider Imagine Education, as this is such a great place to study! The staff at Imagine are so nice and friendly, everybody is really helpful and you get some of the best training in the business!”