Meet our Education Support students

17 October 17

Khaleel and Deanne have been studying Education Support at Imagine Education since early 2017. Both students say they enjoy their trainer, Julie Lund’s, teaching style and the Education Support course at Imagine.

Deanne believes that Imagine’s course and Julie’s teaching will most definitely see her achieving her future goals.

“Julie makes lessons fun and she is a great teacher” Deanne says. “In the future I would love to support high school students with additional needs. To help them with the things they find difficult and show them what they can achieve. I feel like my studies at Imagine will help me to achieve this goal.”

Khaleel also enjoys Julie’s teaching style stating, “Her lessons are always dynamic and she adds her own flavour and this makes the lessons very interesting. They are very interactive which is a great way to learn and you feel very comfortable in her class.”

Khaleel, who has been studying with Imagine since March chose the field of Education Support as he wanted to follow a career path that would allow him to help people.

“I’ve always been a helper, I love helping people and researching and learning. Studying in this field appeals to me because I can help people.”

He is also quick to point out that Education Support is a field of study for everyone.

“Regardless of what gender you are, the fact that you are studying education and are going to help better a child’s future is the most important thing.”

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